Working From Home

Standard post by admin on February 5, 2015
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Work from home

While affiliates are most often the beneficiaries of having a home business, this week it’s my turn to try working form home for a change.


Running a team of 18 staff on the affiliate side of the business at WSO means I’m a great fan of everyone “being at the office“. There’s a lot you can get done when your team is around you, rather than working remote.

However with my wife (Nok) off down South to visit her parents this week, it leaves me to take and pick up Baeng from school (Alex’s school holiday’s started last week). It’s day one, and I skipped taking Baeng to school as Nok didn’t leave till today. So instead of my usual 5:00 alarm clock, I crawled out of bed at… 7:30, that’s a hour later than I’d usually be logging in…. after helping pack the car, having breakfast, playing with the dogs it was… 9:15 when I finally logged on!

My usual worries about working at home are

1. Distractions - It’s hard to work when the kids are around
2. Working with the team. – Yea I keep them under the thumb…
3. Access to network – Not an issue as the remote access was working fine and all internal files and office mail are accessible.

So with Baeng at school and Alex off down South with Nok, it leaves me with just point 2, but as last month was way better than we expected, I guess I can trust them not to be playing online games all day…. I hope

Apart from today I’ll expect to be logged on by around 8:30 with no defined lunch break, I’ll just nibble away all day long, and of course dress code is optional. Granted, I’m not exactly a shirt and tie guy at the office anyway.

However at 2:30 I have to grab a taxi and pick up Baeng, go shopping because the cupboards are empty, and probably get back home by 5pm. Then it’ll be time to help with homework and reading practice, play with Barbie and finally get Baeng in bed by 8pm.

Leaving me to be logged in again and watching TV at the same time till… around 11 pm, usually I finish at 4pm at the office and get home by 5:30…

With just Baeng to take care of I think working at home this week will be great, if I had Alex too…then it would be a little less productive :)

Overall though I cut daily travel to and from work by 2 and a half hours, get up 2 hours later. Work about the same number of hours and have access to all the data I usually do at the office… all positives. However I do like the face to face interaction with my team. Throughout the day I decide to pickup and try

So perhaps it’s time to push through some changes are work, allow more remote work and throw in evening meetings in a local pub to ensure I still get that face to face time with the team!

Of course it’s still early in the week… things could yet go wrong!

9:30 PM Footnote : Atcually I really enjoyed getting to do all those things that stopped me working, packing Baeng’s school bag, picking her up from school, doing home work, cooking diner… might be time for me to quit being in an office!

Looking For Ways To Optimize Your PS4?

Standard post by admin on February 19, 2015
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If you are reading this guide you are probably Sony PlayStation fan right?  Well if you keep on reading this short guide you will learn a lot of useful things like how to use PSN, how to play some games on PlayStation consoles and even how to install new themes for a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 consoles. PlayStation consoles are made by Sony Computer Entertainment which is one of the biggest companies ever existed. They are making movies, music, consoles and all other stuff connected to entertainment world. They made first console long time ago at 1994 year and it was called Sony PlayStation one. If you remember that console you were probably playing it through your whole childhood. Am I right? Because of that console Sony became very popular and everybody liked their work.  After Sony sold over 100 million consoles, they decided to start making next one and it happened  at 2000 year. Second console scored even bigger success with over 200 million consoles sold, pretty impressive right? With release of the next console Sony also made PSN platform. Play Station Network  is a Sony’s platform where you can make account and buy games online. Also you can add your friends and play games online with people around the world. And if you liked it too much you could upgrade PSN to PSN plus and get sick discounts and free gamps4 themeses.

A Top Tier Network Of Themes

Play Station Network became very popular and they were step forward  of other consoles. In two years PSN had over 250 million active accounts. With PBN you could buy games online without going into City store which was incredible.

Sony’s last console called Sony PlayStation network was released at 29 November 2013 year with a name PlayStation 4. PlayStation 4 is a home gaming console and it’s a successor of PlayStation console 3. PlayStation 4 is  using dual shock 4 controllers which could work wireless and they were working with Bluetooth technology  which was awesome. Also Dual shock controllers introduced new Sony button and Option button. As for a camera you could buy it additionally and use to video chat with other people.

With v2.0 long waited update Sony introduced us with Sony PlayStation 4 themes. With those themes you could change your user interface themes. After only few months after patch v2.0 update people made over two millions custom themes which were able to download from Sony store. When you download a theme you can select it and install it. After you installed theme you just need to restart PS4 and theme would apply instantly. And if you don’t liked theme you could just delete by going into Setting and by picking theme you want to delete. Some of new PS4 themes are very spicy and cost big amounts of money but you can find PlayStation 4 themes for free and download them from PS4 specialized websites which offers millions of free themes. So which one will be your best theme? I personally prefer Skull theme.

Watch This Video – The Internet Is Amazing

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Just watch this video and tell me that the internet is amazing. I find it amazing how it can track criminals and help eachother out. I must finally say that the internet is truly amazing.

Be On Top Of Your Competition

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Featured image attached to Be On Top Of Your Competition

stay smart


I find it really crucial that you beat your competition at any time, no matter what you are doing. And when it comes to affiliate there are a lot of things that you can do to beat your affiliate competitiors. I personally have decided to line up some of the tips that I use to reach this. Here I have listed the following for Affilate Clues train. Remember that this is a special post that I decided to write because it is vacation and I cannot seem to get my car out.

Always Make Sure To Work Harder

Working harder is definitely the most crucial thing to do whenever it comes to this. I see a ton of people that just start relaxing after they are done with their work. And this kind of behavior is really annoying me in an annoying way. So lets get right to it. If your competitor is creating a lot of bookmarks, then you should also create a lot of bookmarks.

Have optimized your gear

Make sure that your gear is optimized at all times. I would recommend getting the best ssd 2015 to make sure that your desktop is perfomring as it should. Also make sure that you have a decent chair for doing your work, and so many other crucial factors that will benefit you when you are writing your work.

Remember to take some time off

I find it reallly crucial to get some creative time off where you start thinking about things, how you can improve them and how you should be improving them. That thing is really so crucial that you will not imagine. I for example sit down and relax with my Playstation 4 and mess with my Playstation 4 Jailbreak.


Stay smart!

I cannot stress this one enough. You have to stay smart at all times if you can. If you do not stay smart your competitiors will simply beat you, and this is not something that you are interested in at all. So remember my tip to you, stay smart focused and work harder.


Can’t we all just get along?

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It probably has not come to very many folks’ attention that I haven’t been blogging (or commenting) recently. So it may not be news that I am blogging again. But here’s what I want to say – there is room in this industry for a plethora of ideas and business practices.

The affiliate marketing industry is both the friendliest bunch of people I’ve ever met and the most judgemental. I had commented on this in the past, only not quite in such a bold and pointed manner. I stand by what I said then:

Sometimes, we are just not very nice to each other in our cyber universes. The beauty of the internet is that it’s nimble. It is only tangible from the means we use to access it. Internet marketing should strive to be just as nimble. But the only way we’re going to get there is to allow ourselves and each other the freedom to think creatively.

There are no right and wrong ways to go about affiliate marketing. For affiliate managers, there is no reason to get offended when someone has a different idea than you, I guess unless that person happens to be working in the same company as you. For affiliates, it is always valiant to try to change a merchant’s attitude, but if it’s not happening, why not just walk away? I’m constantly conflicted by the amount of positivity and negativity in this industry. It makes it difficult to speak my mind. I’m nervous about saying the wrong thing, thinking the wrong way. But this is INTERNET marketing, people! Things they can’t even teach in college yet because it is too bleeding edge. We HAVE to allow different viewpoints if we’re going to allow ourselves to grow. So I’m venturing back out, hoping that my ideas don’t spark too much controversy, that no one attacks too much, and that we can all, with our different viewpoints and philosophies, just get along. Another really important thing for us affiliates is to make sure to relax every now and then. I personally go ahead and play Garrys Mod for free which is definitely something that I can recommend. Another good thing is to go ahead and play a game that you really enjoy, I would go with CSGO Lounge since it is very fun

Marketing, or pandering?

Standard post by admin on February 5, 2015
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I find the line between smart marketing and complete pandering to be quite blurry. Do you?


A few weeks ago, I wrote about charity marketing and how it can be quite lucrative to be philanthropic. This week, I was talking to a friend of mine who went to a local Governor’s Conference for Women. She was really excited about having taken part in it, as there were many powerful and influential women in attendance. She felt a bond with women she’d never met, shared stories and advice, and came out of the event with serious career aspirations and a ton of motivation. As she told me about the event, she mentioned that she enjoyed the exhibitors in the exhibition hall. One was Hershey’s, who had given out a bag of chocolate to each attendee. The other was Dunkin Donuts, who were giving away free samples of their new sugar-free cinnamon coffee.

And that’s where things fell apart for me. I am all for women helping women to succeed. And I am grateful for these types of conferences. I just wish that the marketers at Hershey’s and Dunkin Donuts would give us a little more credit and stop this pandering. I mean, seriously. Chocolate? Diet coffee? How do chocolate and diet coffee empower women? Was Tampax there? How about Victoria’s Secret?

So I said something to my friend. And she didn’t have a problem with the chocolate or the coffee. In fact, most of the people I talked to about this afterwards (you see, once I get a bee in my bonnet…) didn’t understand my ire, either. I have personally been using

So I ask you, Internet: am I nuts? Is this pandering or smart marketing? Or both?